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Crittery was set up to provide a useful resource regarding common and exotic rodents and small mammals. A significant number of pet shops are supplied by rodent farms and often give out incorrect, and sometimes, dangerous advice.

We support ethical breeding providing animals are kept in enriching habitats without overcrowding and breeding is done for the purpose of improving health and temperament with aesthetics as secondary. Crittery breeds on a small home-run basis with resting periods for the females.

Be aware that exotic rodents and mammals will require a higher level of attention and care, tend to have longer lifespans and may have complicated dietary and environmental needs.

  • Long-Eared Hedgehog

  • Harvest Mouse

  • Duprasi

  • Southern Flying Squirrels

Crittery is...

  • An exotic pet resource site
  • A small, home-based exotic rescue
  • An ethical breeder of some exotics

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Email enquiries@crittery.co.uk

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Crittery Exotics - southern flying squirrel

Crittery is run by volunteers.

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