African Pygmy Dormice

Graphiurus Murinus

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African Pygmy Dormouse

African Pygmy Dormice behaviour is very fast and agile. Although some can be handled, this will vary from animal to animal and is done more by letting them climb on you much like a tree, or by using pockets to bond such as with sugar gliders. See our section on handling African Pygmy Dormice for more details.

They are quite shy and generally do not like being touched; though they seem fascinated by voices. You can obtain a red light to view during the darker hours when they become most active; Dormice are very sensitive to the light.


African Pygmy Dormouse sounds include an insect-like twitter, an enquiring 'thrumming' sound, and a sharp bark when distressed. The sounds are surprisingly loud for such small creatures. Our colony is quite vocal although some keepers report very little noise at all.

The first sound above is an example of the 'twittering' call made by an adult male dormouse. The second has this call and the sounds of a litter of dormouse pups being fed.

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