Pachyuromys Duprasis

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Duprasi habitat

Duprasi can be kept in a vivarium or tank providing adequate ventilation is given. They are not good climbers so it is important to give them plenty of floorspace, a good minimum is the 60x45cm Exo-Terra or a two foot tank. Gently sloped playstix or other climbing material can be used to provide climbing to wooden ledges or structures.

They must have items to hide and nest in, toilet tubes, cork tubes, coconut hides and other items are suitable. Duprasi do like to chew so plastic should be avoided. Tree branches provide valuable chewing material for ever-growing teeth, although first check it is safe wood for rodents.

Duprasi do like to dig so a good quality substrate needs to be at least 2 inches deep. A layer of hay provides good chewing and aids their digestion.

A rodent-safe bedding should be given to allow your Duprasi to construct a decent nest. You can also offer cotton pods to allow your Duprasi to chew open and then distribute his own bedding.

Duprasi must have a sandbath to allow them to clean themselves. This prevents their fur from getting greasy and can be left in permanently although may need changing every few days.

A solid-based wheel at least 6.5 inches gives them great exercise and live insects can be given for enrichment.

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