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Sometimes rodents that have lived together for a long time can have seri­ous fights and decide they can no longer live together. This is known as declan­ning. Female gerbils are known for this in later life, if kept in numbers greater than a pair. If declan­ning occurs in a pair then you may be able to reunite using the split-​cage method, but you can­not intro­duce a sin­gle ger­bil to an exist­ing pair or clan.

If blood hasn’t been drawn then one of the most com­mon prob­lems may be odour, say if you han­dled one rodent with­out han­dling the other or if there is as strong smell in the room such as if you have recently painted. A dust bath is a good start to try and neu­tralise this for some species.

Sometimes this isn't declanning, but where a species has been sold to an owner without the proviso that they may not have a good chance at staying together for life. Dwarf hamsters from pet shops for instance, can be difficult as they will be hybrids - and so may have inherited different percentages of traits and not be compatible with each other.

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