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Ball fighting is where two rodents curl into a ball and this is where a fight has escalated and does need to be separated. Gerbils in particular must be separated if this happens.

Brux­ing is where an animal grinds or chat­ters its teeth together quite rapidly. This can indi­cate con­tent­ment, espe­cially when occom­pa­nied with bog­gling. How­ever brux­ing can also occur as a reac­tion to pain or stress — if the sound is louder, and with more sharp cracks, it is more likely to be the animal respond­ing to some­thing bad. Rodents may brux loud (some­times known as chat­ter­ing) to com­fort them­selves if they are in dis­tress or pain.

Rats are particularly known for this.

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Mycoplasma pulmonis is the most common cause of respiratory infections in rats and mice who are three months or older.

Any animal that has issues with breathing, either due to speed or noise, should see a vet. A rodent that makes an audible noise, like a snuffling or clicking sound, may have a respiratory infection.

Mycoplasma pul­mo­nis is the most com­mon cause of res­pi­ra­tory infec­tions in rats and mice who are three months or older.


Some rodents will use their scent glands to mark their ter­ri­tory. It is often a high-​ranking or alpha that will do this most, and they may also secrete small droplets of urine as a form of mark­ing. This does not indi­cate incon­ti­nence and not all rodents will do this.

Cleaning out rodents too often may lead to excessive scent marking. Not only will this actually lead to a greater overall smell, but more importantly this puts a greater strain on their kidneys.

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