Richardsons Ground Squirrel

Urocitellus richardsonii

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Richardsons ground squirrel do not breed readily in captivity. making it important that you obtain from an ethical breeder and not support the trade in wild-caught animals.

Some keepers hibernate their animals through winter to help replicate a wild environment and increase the chances of breeding success since they are seasonal breeders. If doing so it is important to monitor that your animals have sufficient weight to attempt this and that you are controlling the temperature range.

Richardsons ground squirrels are sexually mature following their first hibernation, so at around 11 months in early spring. Females usually come into estrous around four days after hibernation and this will only last for a few hours. During pregnancy a female Richardsons ground squirrel may become intolerant or aggressive towards any males.

After a gestation period of 23 days she will produce her only litter for that year. Litters range from 5-8 and eyes do not open until day 23. In the wild young would not come to the surface until they are around 30 days old and begin weaning. At day 50 Richardsons ground squirrels moult their baby coat and replace with their summer coat.

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