Dormice Overview

African Pygmy Dormice, Asian Garden Dormice.

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Exotic mice overview

African Pygmy Mice, Fancy Mice, Harvest Mice, Multimammate Mice, Spiny Mice, Zebra Mice.

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Exotic Rats Overview

Acacia Rats, Fancy Rats, Gambian Pouched Rats.

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Flying Squirrels Overview

Southern and Northern Flying Squirrels.

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Gerbil and Jirds Overview

Covering the pet gerbil and jird species such as mongolian gerbils, fat-tailed gerbils, shaws and bushy-tailed jirds.

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Ground Squirrels Overview

Richardsons Ground Squirrels, Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrels.

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Hamsters Overview

Chinese Hamster, Campbells Hamsters, Roborovksi Hamsters, Syrians and Winter Whites. Also general information and hybrids.

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Multimammate Mice

Also known as Natel Rat, or African Soft-furred Rat.

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Zebra Mice

Also known as African Striped Grass Mice, or Barbary Striped Grass Mice.

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