Fancy Mice

Mus musculus (domesticated form)

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Fancy Mice are the domesticated breeds of the common or house mouse (Mus musculus) and come in a range of colours and coat types.

They range from around 25g-50g in weight whereas the larger show type tend to be 60g and up. Care should be taken to monitor weight as an obese or underweight mouse will be more susceptible to illness.

Fancy Mice can live from 1-3 years and are frequently found in Rescue

Female mice known as does can live happily together in large groups providing given enough space, and Fancy Mice introductions are quite easy provided you know the process.

Male mice, or bucks, are more prone to disputes. Keeping them together can be done with careful management but is better done by experienced rodent keepers. Male mice can be neutered, and 6 weeks after the operation introduced safely to a harem of female mice without the risk of impregnation. An experienced vet is needed for this.

Fancy mice need plenty of mental stimulation and space but make friendly and entertaining pets. See Fancy Mice - Environment for details or our section on Rodent Enrichment for ideas. It is a frequent misconception that mice can be kept in tiny tanks with little or no enrichment. They are intelligent, inquisitive animals who are very friendly towards humans but can get seriously depressed if bored or neglected.

Fancy mice should ideally not be kept in the same airspace as rats, who would kill them in the wild; close proximity to rats can cause undue stress. They can however cohabit with Multimammate Mice (African soft furred rats) in a male mouse/female multimammate and male multimammate/female mouse mix if company of other fancy mice cannot be found.

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