Trillian the Hamster

Species: Hybrid hamster
Group: 1, female
Arrived: 27 April 2014

Successfully rehomed

Tril­lian is five months old, and is a young dwarf ham­ster — likely a hybrid. She came into res­cue on 27/​04/​2014 due to a change in her own­ers cir­cum­stances. She is in good health.

Tril­lian is an extremely beau­ti­ful ham­ster, who is quite shy. She came from a very busy house­hold and was kept in a cage that was too small.

Tril­lian will shout if she is dis­turbed abruptly in her cage! She doesn’t how­ever show any inter­est in bit­ing, this is very defen­sive and she is more likely to want to hide. She is an intel­li­gent girl and if using a toi­let tube or sim­i­lar to get her out her cage can be han­dled with care quite well out­side her cage. She does star­tle eas­ily though so she needs her con­fi­dence built up.

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