Scrunch and Crumble

Species: Acacia Rats
Group: 2, Male
Arrived: 12 July 2012

Successfully rehomed

Scrunch and Crum­ble are broth­ers and came from a group of four Crit­tery took on in July 2012 after the owner realised they needed more care then they cur­rently had time to give. Both pairs have been suc­cess­fully homed, and the newly named Imani and Tumaini are keep­ing their new owner busy with their curi­ous and friendly natures!

These boys are still young adults and are in good health and tem­pera­ment. Both boys will hap­pily be stroked and take food from your hands but will need some effort put in to fully tame them down. Scrunch is miss­ing part of his ear and was a lit­tle under­weight. He is very active and curi­ous and a lit­tle wary of handling.

He does how­ever respond well to being taken out in a toi­let roll tube or sim­i­lar on a lap so he then has an area to retreat to if he is get­ting scared. He enjoys climb­ing onto your shoul­der and sur­vey­ing the world from there!

Crum­ble is big­ger than his brother and more laid back. He is hap­pier to be han­dled, but less likely to come out for it!

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