The Cereal Boys, hamsters

Species: Hybrid hamsters
Group: 3, Male
Arrived: 25 September 2012

Successfully rehomed

Broth­ers Puff, Shred­die and Chee­rio came to us in September 2012 after their owner moved to accom­mo­da­tion that did not accept pets. Puff sadly died unex­pect­edly before he could be homed. Unfor­tu­nately we do not have a way of know­ing what caused this, other than per­haps the move from a fami­lar envi­ron­ment aggra­vated an exist­ing condition.

On a hap­pier note, Shred­die was homed suc­cess­fully, where he will have plenty of room to dig and be thor­oughly spoilt.

Chee­rio has also been homed. Sadly he has now devel­oped dia­betes which is being care­fully mon­i­tored by his owner.

Like the major­ity of dwarf ham­sters from pet-​shop ori­gin, these boys are hybrids. This means that they need a diet low in sugar due to their poten­tial to develop dia­betes and were homed sep­a­rately due to the poten­tial for fall-​outs in later life.

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