Rolo and Oreo

Species: Fancy Mice
Group: 2, male
Arrived: 20 August 2016

Sanctuary - Crittery Resident

These boys were born in rescue when mums Pick and Mix were handed in heavily pregnant. They were born on the 20th August. They are a range of colours and some are long-haired. For full pictures see the Mice needing Homes facebook album.

Boys make excellent companion pets but are unlikely to be able to stay with male company. They can go with multimammate mice or girls, if neutered. Please give these boys a chance. They have such lovely characters and are utterly gorgeous. They are cheeky, inquisitive and lovely.

The last two boys remaining are Oreo and Rolo. These boys are too small to be neutered, so would need to be homed to live alone or potentially to be paired with multimammate mice.

Rolo is a lovely agouti chap, a little skittish but very curious. Oreo is the black, who is a big fan of the flying saucer wheel!

30th December - As these boys have had no interest and continue to be very skittish, we've decided to take these on as Sanctuary. These lovely boys will stay with us as Crittery residents!


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